I feel compelled to apologize for a lack of art this week I have my Chinese finals so all I’ve had time for is class sketches of busts…if you hope I pass my Chinese finals leave 加油 in my inbox

"this is weird"

"it’s weird"

"really weird"

"fucking weird"

to sum up my progress from the last 2 years and 3 months, the sketch on the left was the first page in my sketchbook from summer 2012 and it took me an hour

the sketch on the left is from today and took me 2 1/2 hours

please do not ever tell yourself you can’t improve. I have only been drawing seriously for two years, and I can’t even fathom where I’ll be in another two, so if you want to be an artist, pick up a pencil of any kind, draw, and don’t stop

Then all of a sudden two years will have passed and you’ll have almost 2300 followers on tumblr and be minoring in studio art. Life is weird, but so is art. 

hey, can you show us your old art?

ah christ here we go

I don’t have art from when I was 14, but I do have it from when I was around 17, two years ago, when I decided to get ‘serious’ about art

your eyes may bleed, I’m warning you (sorry for mobile users!!)

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also levi on his own bc I like this version

humanity’s strongest more like

tried to do the ‘bw to color’ painting style

favorite characters: part one

ok I gave in to the whale shark

i LOVE your haikyuu and yowapeda art and i really want to be as good as you are at art someday bye

be my lover and I’ll cover you